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Who we Are

KOnrad Urban

Hello! My name is Konrad. I know how important events are for communities. Throughout my journey of organizing 100+ events, I realized that the real magic does not happen on stage but around the stage. Let’s bring that magic to online events!

Orest tarasiuk

Hey! This is Orest. My background in tech combined with my interest in psychology allows me to build spaces where people can come together to have meaningful conversations and connections. Let’s rethink online gatherings from the participant’s perspective.

Let's Knit!


“No sitting around waiting for a chance to speak, just hop over to another circle and start the conversation you actually want to have.”

“Knit helped to reconnect alumni from 9 different countries. It was a lovely reunion with my fellows whom I haven’t seen for over a year.”

“On other platforms, everyone interrupts each other. Knit transformed our rather passive meetings into vivid discussions that lasted deep into the night.”

“I organized my quarantine birthday party with Knit. 20 friends from 4 countries. The result: 5h of banter that no one expected to happen.”

“Knit managed the entire organisational process of our 250+ attendee event, so we could devote 100% attention to the speakers and guests.”

“With Knit there is no need to install anything. The UX is very intuitive and most importantly, it lets attendees mingle and get to know each other.”

Maria Titova

“With its new efficient approach, Knit helped us to discuss multiple topics simultaneously within one single meeting, without constantly interrupting each other.”


Arts & Creativity, Media & Entertainment
(Knit, previously Mingle Video)

Engagement During Online Events
(Knit, previously Mingle)